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2018 UW Coaching Salary Database

Not only is it the time of year where Washington starts to put the final touches on their recruiting class, but it’s also going to be time soon to renew and extend the contracts of Washington’s coaching staff. 

In total, Washington’s assistant coaches make a combined $5,435,052 before incentives. That makes them the highest-paid assistant group in the Pac-12. The defensive staff, led by Jimmy Lake’s new $1.1M yearly contract, is paid a combined $3,105,024. The offensive staff, led by Bush Hamdan’s $700,000 yearly contract, makes a combined $2,330,028. 

Based on a records request to the Washington Athletic Department, was able to take a look at the contracts of every Washington football coach, and as of today there’s only four coaches whose contracts do not expire at the end of this coming January: Chris Petersen, Bush Hamdan, Jimmy Lake, and Pete Kwiatkowski. 

That means, based on how the AD has dealt with these issues in the past, we can expect addendums to be agreed to with the remaining staff in the coming months. 

Below we’ve summarized the salaries for each coach for the 2018 season, including their base pay, additional compensation, and any incentives they’ve hit – including team academic performance and on-field performance. 

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