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Damon Huard, victim of ‘The Pick’, takes a shot at Oregon Ducks fans in front of Washington game

I brought former Washington Huskies quarterback Damon Huard on the Bald Faced Truth radio show today (12-3p weekdays on Portland’s 102.9-FM and Eugene’s 95.7-FM), and he wasn’t pleased that I played the iconic Oregon highlight of the 1994 game against Washington.

Listen to the full podcast with Huard here.

Kenny Wheaton’s 97-yard interception return against Huard might be the biggest play in Oregon Ducks football history. It signaled a turning point for the program, but Huard told me he nearly hung up on me when I played “The Pick.” To which, I pointed out that the highlight is played before every home game at Autzen Stadium.

Said Huard: “I would have thought that they would probably have moved on by now… it’s kind of funny. They love that memory.”

Huard seemed mildly amused. We talked about the 70-21 victory by Washington two years ago, and how the teams match-up this season. Also, we talked about Huard’s wine-making business, a partnership with Dan Marino.

I suggested to Huard that maybe he should call one of his wines, “The Pick” and market it to Oregon fans. Huard said, “You know, I would but Oregon fans couldn’t afford it.”

Listen to the whole exchange:

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