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Five-Star ATH Bru McCoy recaps weekend Pac-12 visit

Santa Ana (Calif.) Mater Dei athlete Bru McCoy took official visit No. 2 for him over the weekend to check out the Washington Huskies.

After playing in what he called the most physical game of his life, McCoy had no time to recover as he had to catch an early flight to head out for Seattle.

“The game with IMG took everything out me,” McCoy said. “It was so physical and once I started cramping, it was hard to play but we finished and got the job done. By the time I got home, it was late and I hadn’t even packed yet. I knew I was getting picked up early, around 5:30, so I decided to just pull an all-nighter and never slept that night. I figured that was better then sleeping for three hours.”

McCoy landed in Seattle early Saturday morning and had a full day of activities.

“Once we got picked up, we went and ate in downtown Seattle and then headed to campus,” McCoy said. “I met with coach (Matt) Lubick, who’s my main recruiter and we talked for awhile. We have a good relationship, he’s a good guy and I like him a lot.

“I went to check in at our hotel and then headed back to campus and met up with coach Lubick and coach Hamdan. I sat in on some receiver meetings and that was cool. They went over concepts, talked about how they do things, how they teach their receivers and how they run the offense. I took a campus tour, met with some academic people in the Business department and before long, it was almost game time.”

McCoy said he was surprised by the game atmosphere inside Husky Stadium.

“I honestly didn’t know how passionate the fan base was at Washington,” McCoy said. “It was way louder then I expected, that’s a great fan base, very dedicated and there was purple everywhere. You can tell football is a big deal there and they have a really good program that is headed in the right direction.

“One thing that stood out to me that the coaches pointed out was how good their defensive backs are. They have NFL corners every year and just watching them up close, they have some dudes out there that are studs. The coaches were telling me that’s how you get better, by practicing against those guys every day. You practicing against future NFL players, it can only strengthen your game.”

McCoy was hosted by Sean McGrew and Jacob Eason. He already knew McGrew really well.

“Me and Sean went to the same middle school,” McCoy said. “He and my older sister were in the same grade and always sat next to each other since it was always alphabetical order. I almost went to St. John Bosco because of him but decided I wanted to go to Mater Dei but he’s a great guy and someone I like a lot.

“He had great things to say about the program and he pointed out that he’s not even playing much and getting touches but has never once regretted his decision. He loves it there and said he would definitely do it the same way all over again if he had the choice.”

Eason made a strong impression as well.

“Jacob is super cool and is super down to earth,” McCoy said. “He’s really smart and knows his stuff. He gave me great advice and has great perspective on what it means to be a college athlete and how you have to balance football with being a regular student. He talked about how hard you need to work to be an elite athlete but how to balance your life so you have time to recover.

“With him as the quarterback, there is a lot of upside to going there. He said he wants to win a championship and wants players like me who are winners to come in and play with him. I know he’s a very talented player and you obviously always want to have a great quarterback who can get you the ball and I really enjoyed talking with him and hearing his perspective on things.”

Sunday was more meetings with the coaches including one one time with head coach Chris Petersen.

“I had breakfast with coach Lubick and coach Hamdan and then spent about an hour with coach Pete,” McCoy said. “We didn’t even talk football, it was all about life after football, building men of character and helping you grow as a man. His Built For Life Program is pretty impressive and I really like coach Pete a lot. You can tell he’s a great guy who cares about his players.

“Overall, I had a really good trip and Washington is a school I’m definitely going to consider. I’m looking hard at them because of the great staff, the players and the overall environment. It’s a family there, you can feel it. Sean and Jacob said they live in a house with 11 other players and that’s how it is there. Everyone gets a lot, there’s no drama, no one fights, there’s no cliques, everyone hangs out together and it was pretty cool to see.”

McCoy previously visited Texas and said he’ll definitely visit USC after the season. Alabama looks good for a visit as well.

“I’m not sure when my next visit will be but I’m going to re-evaluate how I do things after this visit,” McCoy said. “I was so tired and beat up from our game. I didn’t sleep Friday night and then probably got 2-3 hours of sleep Saturday night. We don’t have any bye weekends or even any Thursday night games so I’m not sure how I’m going to work in the trips during the season but I’ll figure it out.

“I want to see Bama and then USC will be my last visit. I have one more left but that’s open right now and I’m looking at a lot of schools like Oregon, Oklahoma and UCLA. After my last trips, I’ll sit down and figure out a decision. It could be at the All-American Game in January but if I know sooner, I’ll go ahead and make my decision before the game.”

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