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FROM THE EDITOR: The Washington Huskies bring out the worst in me

(BRANDON HANSEN/Managing Editor of the Chewelah Independent)

This year’s Apple Cup was a disaster for the Washington State Cougars, and a point of glee for the University of Washington Huskies. For me, it’s a point of utter disgust.

Unlike every UW fan who apparently went to Central Washington University, I can’t claim fandom to a school I didn’t go to. I went to Eastern Washington University, and our football team is one of the top five in the FCS classification and is hoping for a deep playoff run. But when it comes to the Apple Cup, there are some very specific reasons I cannot root for the Huskies.

1. Washington Husky fans claim the Apple Cup is not a big deal to them, even though it very obviously matters to them. You can’t say a UW win doesn’t tickle your fancy when your Facebook wall is covered in comments of you telling Cougar fans to put body parts in unmentionable spots.

2. UW is Seattle. If growing up in NE Washington has told me anything, it’s that Seattle is the enemy. I imagine everyone in Seattle sitting in dark rooms plotting their revenge against the City of Chewelah. Not quite sure what exactly one of the country’s major metropolitan cities would do to a small rural strip of land on the other side of the state, but my guess is it has something to do with avocados.

3. Seattle sports radio people are insufferable. With the exception of the ESPN Radio station over on the coast that has this rare talk radio occurrence of well-balanced people with though-out opinions – the rest of the radio personalities are … insufferable. My favorite “this guy on the radio is an idiot” moment was when a Seattle radio sports host posted photos of Oregon fans leaving the stadium because their team was losing. What Twitter quickly pointed out to the dolt was that it was halftime and everybody was going to the bathroom and would be back for the second half. Nobody said you had to be bright to be a Washington radio person.

4. Washington fans complain a lot. The ink hadn’t dried on Washington’s victory over WSU and their fans were already complaining about the venue of the Pac-12 Championship game. They claimed it was unbefitting of a championship game.
Must be a dump, right?
Nope, they’re playing at the nearly brand spanking new Levi’s Stadium – home of the San Francisco 49ers. Yes, apparently an NFL stadium is beneath the beloved Washington Huskies.

5. Washington defensive coordinator Jimmy Lake taking swipes at coach Mike Leach. You know what you should do after winning a big football game? Immediately talk trash. Lake said thatWSU hasn’t changed their game plan in years. I’m curious why a coordinator would present that kind of bulletin board material while belittling a storied football coach.
Is Leach eccentric, and wacky? Yes. Was he outcoached during the Apple Cup? Yes. Did Leach talk trash after the game or call Coach Peterson an android (he is a robot, I’m convinced)?
Lets put Lake in a small Mountain West team that is part of a school in rural America and see how well he does when playing some of the best teams in the nation.
For a school that claims to be classy and storied, they take out more trash than a bussboy.

6. I like the underdog. Sorry WSU will always be the underdog in my book. When you have one of the biggest schools in the nation is one of the most attractive cities in college football – you’re going to have some advantages. Despite having big one-ups on schools in the Pac-12, they’re just fairly good (sorry being good in the 1990s doesn’t mean you’re elite anymore). Meanwhile, Washington State has to recruit kids to Pullman in one of the smallest football stadiums in the country. For me, Washington will always be a bully.

With that said, Washington just turns me into an irrational sports fan. Sometimes Oregon Duck fans can do this to me as well, and don’t get me started on Pittsburgh Steelers fans.
I’ll just lick my wounds from this Apple Cup, remind myself I really don’t have any emotional investment in the WSU Cougars and remind everybody to root for the EWU Eagles this weekend.
(PS. Little EWU has almost defeated UW twice. Husky fans still talked trash to us EWU fans despite them barely eeking by a FCS school. Just would like to mention that.)

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