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Greg Gaines expecting first child

Washington defensive lineman Greg Gaines and his wife, Sheyeann Gaines, have been married for nearly a year in a half.

In March, they’ll welcome their first child.

The two recently found out they’ll be having a boy, which Gaines is thrilled about. Both of them wanted a boy first and a girl second, he said Tuesday.

“Being a guy myself, I can teach him all the stuff I’ve learned,” said Gaines, whose smile grew wider the longer he talked about his child. “I never had sisters or anything growing up, so it would’ve been weird if I had a girl. I wouldn’t know what to do.”

The redshirt senior didn’t make any big announcement to his teammates and coaches. He told a few people and then let the news trickle out from there.

And Gaines definitely won’t be taking any baby name suggestions from his UW teammates. The name has already been picked out. But that hasn’t stopped teammate Levi Onwuzurike from lobbying for his choice, no matter how many times Gaines rejects it.

“I actually told him the name for the baby,” Onwuzurike joked. “My name … as a middle name.”

Both Onwuzurike and defensive line coach Ikaika Malloe, who smiled and said he had been hoping for a girl, are confident Gaines is more than prepared to be a father.

“He’ll be great father,” Onwuzurike said. “He’s mature. He’s ready. He’s ready for a kid. He’s one of those guys, he can have a baby right now.”

There is a side to Gaines that likely only his wife knows, Malloe said. It’s a part of his personality that doesn’t often come out around a football field.

“He’s very in tune to what it is to be brought up in today’s society,” Malloe said. “He kind of walks a straight line. I’m looking forward to meeting the newborn.”

Onwuzurike expects Gaines’ child will turn out just like him, and Gaines said he’s already looking forward to introducing his son to some of his favorite activities: Working on cars, playing catch and, of course, football.

While he has felt some nerves, Gaines said he’s mostly excited. He joked that he’s prepared because he’s already “like an old person.” His teammates, Malloe said, have long called him dad.

“I go to bed at like 9,” Gaines said, grinning. “I get up early.”

If Gaines is worried about anything, it’s the timing. His son’s due date is March 28, which is shortly before the NFL Draft. That means Gaines will likely be away from Sheyeann and the baby for several months.

“I know that first season, all my friends have been like, ‘You’re going to be so busy that first year,’” Gaines said. “So I might not be around as much as I want to. But we’re really excited.”

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