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Sports letters: Washington State is a burden on the Pac-12, not the other way around

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(Spokesman-Review columnist John) Blanchette claims Washington State is diminished by the other 11 Pac-12 teams. Guess again, amigo. It’s the opposite. Wazzu is a burden on the other Pac-12 schools. So is Oregon State. The Cougars only play one L.A. school each season for several reasons – one being Wazzu sports the smallest market and the smallest stadium in the Pac-12.

And which school does the Rose Bowl not want back again with the lingering memory of thousands of unsold seats in 2003? Wazzu.

When Wazzu visited USC, there were thousands of empty seats. Who cares? So USC got away with a bad hit and that’s the sum of your season’s misfortunes? Nullifying the Apple Cup is Blanchette’s solution? Boohoo.

I’m as angry as anyone over a faster but smaller Wazzu not finally beating the bigger, stronger Huskies, but it was the weather that beat them more than UW. So cover the field at Martin Stadium with a roof. At least the Idaho Vandals figured that out.

Downgrade Wazzu to the Mountain West? So trade places with Boise State. BSU would jump to the Pac-12 in a heartbeat (sans that hideous Smurf Turf).

Mike Reno

Newman Lake

WSU fans have reason to be upset

As happy as any Wazzu football fan could be in this totally surprising and unexpected season, why do I and most of Cougar Nation today seem to be in a resolute funk trying to muster a positive vibe about the Cougs going to San Antonio to play a barely ranked team in a non-New Year’s Six game for a leftover table scraps “who really cares” trophy?

Ya wanna talk disappointment? I mean, just 50 days ago we all were on top of the world revering the presence of ESPN GameDay in Pullman prior to a great win over Oregon that evening leading to talk of a potential College Football Playoff spot and maybe having Superman Gardner Minshew considered for a Heisman invite. The Apple Cup loomed, yes, but hey, this was totally our year to finally beat the Huskies and Utah for the Pac-12 Championship and return once again to play in the Rose Bowl on New Year’s Day. But on Black Friday in a white blizzard in Martin Stadium, the wheels came off the wagon, traction shoes were only slip-and-slide worthy, and our miraculous Cougs and our collective fan base hearts went thud.

So here we are ranked No. 13, not considered good enough to play on New Year’s Day, with a 10-2 record and only a horrible noncall against USC and a no-snow football field away from being 12-0, now headed to see the Alamo instead of warm sun, beaches, Disneyland the Rose Bowl. Beat Iowa State and end up 11-2 and be ecstatic, right?

Hmm …

Jeff Clausen


ESPN needs to dump Walton

I like watching Gonzaga basketball, but Bill Walton has to go. I shut it off after the first half, to my disappointment not being able to listen to him. I believe I am not alone. He is totally into himself and must have a medical issue. Why can’t ESPN see this? What do you think?

Bill Johnson


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