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Total Huskies Blog Test

Cade Massey (a Wharton professor) and Rufus Peabody (a professional sports bettor) are co-founders of Massey-Peabody Analytics, which produces proprietary quantitative college football ratings. Each week, they simulate the rest of the college football season and the playoff committee’s selection process 20,000 times and explore some of the most interesting finals.

The Pac-12 has had better weekends. Washington, this year’s flagship program for the West, dropped a hard-fought game against Auburn in the closest thing week 1 had to a must-win contest. Nevermind that either team could have walked away the winner, the narrative is a simple one: SEC No. 3 beats Pac-12 No. 1. Stereotype fulfilled.

Could the Huskies recover and still make the College Football Playoff? Sure, anything is possible with 13 weeks of college football to play. But they’ll likely need to run the table, which is unlikely. Our model gives that a likelihood of just 15 percent. And even then, they’re not guaranteed to get in (a 73-percent chance if they win all their remaining games). They’ll need the rest of the conference to looks respectable, but unfortunately, their compatriots have not yet received that memo.

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