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Washington Huskies Projected Two-Deeps after Fall Camp

After 12 practices of fall camp, it’s time to hash out the various position groupings and get to who we think will be in Washington’s two-deeps against Auburn on September 1st.

You’ll notice there’s a lot of ‘or’s’ on the list. There’s two main reasons for that.

1) The Washington coaches don’t talk about depth charts. Depth charts are for the media. The coaches talk about ‘seating charts’, meaning fluidity in lineups and lot of depth playing – so you’ll see a lot of combinations of players, especially younger players, put into higher-leverage situations as a matter of building skill and gaining experience so they are that much better down the road when they will undoubtedly be counted on even more.

2) There were a number of very good position battles, and either as a result of that battle or simply as a function of just how many players Washington will play in any one game, it’s simply not useful to pare down the list to only two players per position. Frankly, it’s not an accurate reflection of what Washington fans will see on the field when the Huskies and Tigers square off in Atlanta.

So it’s probably a good rule of thumb to keep this list handy, but also remind yourself that there are going to be a lot of other players that will affect this depth chart, including some true freshmen that had strong fall camps – like the defensive backs (Kyler Gordon, Dominique Hampton and Julius Irvin), the defensive linemen (Tuli Letuligasenoa, Sam Taimani, Mosiah Nasili-Liu and Draco Bynum) and others.

Drew Sample (Photo: UW Athletics)

Jake Browning (6-2, 210, Sr.)
Jake Haener (6-0, 196, RFr.)

Running Back
Myles Gaskin (5-10, 193, Sr.)
Salvon Ahmed (5-11, 195, So.)

Aaron Fuller (5-11, 186, Jr.)
Alex Cook (6-1, 193, RFr.) OR
Terrell Bynum (6-1, 194, RFr.)

Andre Baccellia (5-10, 173, Jr.) OR
Chico McClatcher (5-8, 181, Jr.)

Ty Jones (6-4, 209, So.) OR
Quinten Pounds (6-0, 180, Jr.)

Tight End
Drew Sample (6-5, 251, Sr.)
Jacob Kizer (6-4, 264, So.)

Left Tackle
Trey Adams (6-8, 316, Sr.) OR
Henry Roberts (6-6, 303, Jr.)
Henry Bainivalu (6-5, 321, RFr.)

Left Guard
Luke Wattenberg (6-5, 307, So.)
Jesse Sosebee (6-5, 327, Sr.)

Nick Harris (6-1, 300, Jr.)
Jesse Sosebee (6-5, 327, Sr.) OR
Cole Norgaard (6-4, 300, RFr.)

Right Guard
Matt James (6-5, 300, Sr.)
Jaxson Kirkland (6-7, 315, RFr.)

Right Tackle
Kaleb McGary (6-8, 324, Sr.)
Henry Roberts (6-6, 303, Jr.) 0R
Jared Hilbers (6-7, 313, Jr.)

Jaylen Johnson (Photo: M. Samek,

Defensive Tackle
Jaylen Johnson (6-3, 286, Sr.)
Jason Scrempos (6-6, 292, Jr.)

Nose Tackle
Greg Gaines (6-2, 316, Sr.)
Shane Bowman (6-4, 291, Sr.)

Defensive End
Levi Onwuzurike (6-3, 282, So.)
Josiah Bronson (6-3, 280, Jr.)*

Outside Linebacker
Benning Potoa’e (6-3, 277, Jr.) OR
Ryan Bowman (6-0, 263, So.)
Joe Tryon (6-5, 267, RFr.)

Outside Linebacker
Amandre Williams (6-2, 241, So.) OR
Myles Rice (6-3, 243, So.)
Ariel Ngata (6-2, 217, RFr.)

Inside Linebacker
Tevis Bartlett (6-3, 233, Sr.)
DJ Beavers (6-1, 219, Jr.)

Inside Linebacker
Ben Burr-Kirven (6-0, 221, Sr.)
Brandon Wellington (6-0, 222, Jr.) OR
Kyler Manu (6-1, 236, Jr.)

Taylor Rapp (6-0, 200, Jr.)
Austin Joyner (5-11, 200, Jr.) OR
Isaiah Gilchrist (5-11, 202, So.)

Jojo McIntosh (6-1, 205, Sr.)
Brandon McKinney (6-0, 201, So.)

Byron Murphy (5-11, 182, So.)
Elijah Molden (5-11, 190, So.)

Jordan Miller (6-1, 181, Sr.)
Keith Taylor (6-2, 200, So.)

Myles Bryant (5-8, 182, Jr.) OR
Elijah Molden (5-11, 190, So.)

Elijah Molden (Photo: Kim Grinolds /

Peyton Henry (5-11, 195, RFr.)*
Van Soderberg (6-0, 195, So.)

Joel Whitford (6-3, 212, Jr.)
Race Porter (6-2, 185, So.)*

Punt Returner
Aaron Fuller (5-11, 186, Jr.)
Chico McClatcher (5-8, 181, Jr.)

Kick Returner
Salvon Ahmed (5-11, 195, So.)
Chico McClatcher (5-8, 181, Jr.) OR
Sean McGrew (5-7, 174, So.)

* = walk-on.

Salvon Ahmed (Photo: Kim Grinolds/, 247Sports)

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