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Washington Huskies senior offensive lineman Matt James benefitting from Mom’s home cooking

Matt James (Photo: 247Sports)

If you look at the 2017 Washington Huskies roster, you’ll notice that offensive lineman Matt James is listed at 276 pounds.

Fast-forward one year, and you’ll see that the former Coeur d’Alene star is up to 300 pounds.

You can thank Mom’s spaghetti for that.

She makes it, freezes it, leaves it in the fridge or the freezer,” James told Saturday. “Heat it up every once in a while.”

The senior talked about position versatility, making the most of his senior season and more in this DawgmanRadio segment.

On locking down a job at right guard and having confidence there…

“It’s been a lot of hard work over this winter, spring, summer – the whole team has been working really hard. Everybody in the country right now is probably tired of hitting each other. It’s been fun and looking forward to the season.

“Everybody knows how to play every position, so it’s a bunch of moving pieces and everybody’s got to be ready to fill in everywhere. Some confidence comes with staying at the same spot, but for the most part most of the techniques are pretty similar.”

What did you do in the offseason to get ready for your final year?

“Eating a lot.”

Did you gain weight?

“I don’t know. A little bit. But we’ve been working hard through winter, spring, summer. Some of us have been eating more than others.”

What’s your go-to meal?

“The go-to food? Mom’s spaghetti. She makes it, freezes it, leaves it in the fridge or the freezer. Heat it up every once in a while.”

How many other guys in the team can say they get Mom’s cooking?

“I don’t know. I’m very lucky.”

Any other go-to’s?

“The food here is pretty good. At Conibear, the stuff they have catered for us, really good food.”

On the continuity of having a lot of first-team reps with the same guys, especially in the spring…

“I think playing next to guys for a while, you build relationships. We all have great relationships with each other, but on the field it’s a little bit different. It’s nice to play next to the same guys. You kind of get a feel for each other.”

Scott Huff on Matt James and his senior season…

“Matt’s been awesome. He had a great spring camp for us and a great fall camp. He’s a guy that gives us a lot of flexibility. He’s played center, he’s played right tackle, he’s played right guard. He’s played left guard for us the other day. He’s very versatile, very smart, tough. When I think of smart and crafty, that’s him in a nutshell. He just figures out a way to get it done. He’s played a lot of ball.”


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