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Washington Huskies

Washington Huskies should have stuck to the cupcakes: Snap Judgments & Cheap Shots


An irreverent look at college football … 

1. As it turns out, the SEC does not bow down to Washington.

2. Neither does ESPN’s Mark Jones.

3. Have the Huskies won a big game since Don James retired?

4. Does the Oregon rivalry count?

5. Not since Ducks quit winning the day.

6. UW coach Chris Petersen = Road Runner. Oregon = Wile E. Coyote.

Editor’s note: Goe hasn’t won a day since the ’70s.

7. Bowling Green, Portland State, San Jose State … the UO non-conference schedule or the basement of the Bottom 10?

8. C’mon, it couldn’t be the bottom of the Bottom 10 without Oregon State.

9. No defense for the Beavers’ defense, which wasn’t exactly the seven blocks of granite.

10. More like seven lumps of Silly Putty.

— Ken Goe

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